University of Wisconsin-Madison and Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Housing- Labor-Macro-Urban Conference
September 25th and 26th, 2009 at the Atlanta Fed


Friday, 9/25/2009

         12:00pm 1:00pm, Lunch and Registration


Topic: Foreclosures

         1:00pm 2:00pm, Mortgage Innovation and the Foreclosure Boom

By Dean Corbae and Erwan Quintin (presenter)

Discussant: Carlos Garriga


         2:00pm 3:00pm, Recourse and Residential Mortgage Default: Theory and Evidence from US States

By Andra Ghent (presenter) and Marianna Kudlyak

Discussant: Kristopher Gerardi


         3:00pm 3:15pm, Break


         3:15pm 4:15pm, Foreclosures and House Price Dynamics: A Quantitative Analysis of the Mortgage Crisis and the Foreclosure Prevention Policy

By Burcu Eyigungor and Satyajit Chatterjee (presenter)

Discussant: Pedro Silos


Topic: Income, Wealth, and Housing

         4:15pm 5:15pm, Aging and Home Equity Withdrawl
By Makoto Nakajima and Irina Telyukova (presenter)

Discussant: Jonathan Heathcote


         5:15pm 5:30pm, Break


         5:30pm 6:30pm, Neighborhood Human Capital Externalities and Residential Segregation

By Alejandro Badel

Discussant: Vernon Henderson


         Reception and Dinner, TBD




Saturday, 9/26/2009

         8:00am 8:15am, Coffee and Continental Breakfast


Topic: House Prices

         8:15am 9:15am, Housing Price Cycles and Endogenous Gentrifications

By Veronica Guerieri (presenter), Erik Hurst, Dan Hartley

Discussant: David Frame


         9:15am 10:15am, Securitization and Moral Hazard: Evidence from a Lender Cutoff Rule

By Alex Kaufman (presenter) and Ryan Bubb

Discussant: Dan McMillan


         10:15am 10:30am, Break


         10:30am 11:30am, High and Low Activity in Housing and Labor

By Eric Smith

Discussant: Ed Coulson


Topic: Geography and Labor

         11:30am 12:30pm, Cross-Sectional Volatility of Individual Income Processes
By Damba Lkhagvasuren

Discussant: Steve Ross


         12:30pm 1:30pm, Lunch


         1:30pm 2:30pm, Commuting, Wages and Bargaining Power

By Peter Rupert (presenter), Elena Stancanelli, and Etienne Wasmer

Discussant: Ping Wang


         2:30 3:30pm, Nature or Nurture? Learning and the Geography of Female Labor Force Participation

By Alessandra Fogli (presenter) and Laura Veldkamp

Discussant: Alice Schoonbroodt


         3:30pm, END